Hunger Relief

The Issue

Montgomery County is experiencing unprecedented abundance and growth, making it all the more shocking that there are so many families in our community who are struggling without food. Furthermore, there are thousands of elderly, children, and adults who must make a choice to go hungry or consume cheaper low-nutrition foods simply to survive.

The Issue
Hunger Relief
Volunteer handing food to driver.

Our Impact

At Montgomery County Food Bank, our sole focus is to reduce both food waste and food insecurity by redirecting surplus food from our grocery retail partners, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and community-level initiatives to local pantries and ultimately to those in need. Always keeping nutrition in mind, we focus on perishable and other high-nutrition groceries.

We reach the food insecure with these groceries through a network of food-pantry partners, mobile distribution events, and via the help of our local Independent School Districts.

A Compassionate Community

And, for those more fortunate community members, we offer a place to give back in an environment of compassion and connection. Thousands of people volunteered their time at the food bank last year.

Montgomery County Food Bank stands as a hub in Montgomery County to address the issues of food waste, food insecurity and be a place of compassion and giving through a network of partners we are always seeding to grow and strengthen.

Become a part of the exciting activities at Montgomery County Food Bank and learn more about our mission and programs.

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Our impact
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In 2022, Montgomery County Food Bank served more than 65,000 people each month.