Host a Food Drive

How do I host a Food Drive?

We suggest promoting your food drive at least a week in advance and throughout the time frame selected. Have one general location for boxes to be located to make it easy for participants to find.


  • Set your goal and theme.Your goal can be in number of pounds, number of boxes or even number or types of cans collected, as well as money.
  • Set a timeframe. This helps add energy and a sense of urgency to your food drive.
  • Consider a competition. Fun to do among departments, groups, floors, buildings, classes, etc.
  • Determine the types of food you wish to collect. (see our list of most needed items). We request that you promote the collection of nutritious foods.
  • Identify your supply needs.Determine the quantity of the following items you will need:
    • Containers for collecting food – we provide large collection bins and small packing boxes at no charge.
    • Money collection canisters for participants who may also want to make a financial donation.

How can the MCFB help you?

Collection boxes are available in our warehouse and can be picked up during regular business hours. Please contact us if you need assistance in delivering the filled donation boxes.

If interested email it to today!

Can we host another type of food and fundraising event?

Third Party Event Guidelines

Montgomery County Food Bank serves an average of 35,000+ individuals each month.