Nutrition Education Program

Montgomery County Food Bank is proud to offer the USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Education to address food insecurity as it pertains to healthy nutrition, wellness and prevention of disease. Residents with skills in cooking, gardening, nutrition, food budgeting and food safety are better able to provide healthier meals for themselves and their families, which in turn can improve health, prevent disease and promote more secure lives. SNAP-Ed classes educate all individuals, but can focus on elderly, children and family nutrition on a budget, as well as the importance of exercise and disease prevention. We offer cooking demonstrations and educational classes to our partner agencies, food pantries, schools, senior care facilities and more revolving around the USDA My Plate initiative with the support of the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, WIC and American Dietetic Association. Classes are free of charge to high-risk, socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. Classes are perfect for individuals looking to learn to eat healthier, read nutrition labels, increase activity, shop on a budget, teach their family about nutrition and can be tailored for specific disease prevention, for healthy family menus, nutritional holiday options and more. A nutritionist travels to your location and provides all materials and food for the demonstration. All your organization or facility needs to do is confirm your date and provide a suitable area to conduct the class with electricity, a table on which to cook and seating for participants. There is no class size maximum or age requirement. You do not need a kitchen and we can visit for multiple periods or over multiple days!


  • Culinary and nutrition professionals and students may volunteer their time, talents and expertise to teach a course.
  • Donations of grocery store gift certificates can be used as gifts or quiz prizes in the class setting.
  • Monetary donations of any amount can be earmarked for use in the SNAP-Ed program.

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  For more information, please contact: Julia Cudd, SNAP-Ed Coordinator, 936-539-6686, extension 2019, jcudd@mcfoodbank.org.