Food Fair Program

How It Works

Like a market on wheels, MCFB’s Food Fair Program is a traveling pantry that delivers nutritious food, including fresh produce and refrigerated items, directly to communities with a high need.  Each food fair is sponsored by an individual, local or religious organization, corporation, or community group.  The sponsor provides the host site and volunteers. MCFB provides the food, technical assistance, and marketing for each food fair.  A minimum of 10 pallets of food from our warehouse is loaded onto a truck and delivered to a host site to feed approximately 200 to 600 families.  The food fair sponsor’s volunteers unload, set-up and distribute the food directly to the clients in an outside setting similar to a farmers market.

Sponsoring a Food Fair

MCFB will order and purchase food products based on the availability in the market for the scheduled food fair date.  The cost is $100.00 per pallet for on any product.  This cost covers the purchase of the food, transportation, and MCFB staff supervision.  Examples of the number of pallets to order based on the projected number of families the sponsor wants to impact: 11 to 15 pallets—can feed 200 to 275 families 16-20 pallets—can feed 275 to 325 families 21 to 30 pallets—can feed 325 to 400 families 31 to 40 pallets—can feed 401 to 500 families 41 to 50 pallets—can feed 501 to 600 families

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