Buddy Backpack Program

The Buddy Backpack Program provides food insecure children with nutritional food for the weekends and holidays. Students are provided seven meals and snacks each weekend during the school year.

How It Works

Each campus selects a coordinator to be responsible for the Buddy Backpack Program, usually the counselor or the school nurse. The school coordinator educates the faculty on how to identify food insecure students and provides a Referral Form that gives information on how to identify chronically hungry students. Students must be enrolled in the participating school to be eligible to participate in the Buddy Backpack Program.

The food is distributed in a way that the children will not be embarrassed. A high level of confidentiality is vital to preventing potential problems (e.g., the other children seeing the food backpack and asking for it, making fun of the student receiving the food, etc.).

The student must visit the school representative in their office; the food is not allowed to be delivered to the classroom. MCFB does not receive the name of the child nor do we have any contact with the children directly. This information is kept within the school with the coordinator of the Buddy Backpack Program.

How You Can Help

  • Volunteer to help pack backpacks
  • Donate food items

Help us end hunger for our children in Montgomery County

Sponsor a child with food for a weekend — providing 5 meals and snacks.

3 month sponsorship: $87.50
6 month sponsorship: $175.00
9 month sponsorship: $262.50
1 year sponsorship: $350.00

Contact Us To Get Involved Phone: 936-539-6686 Email: info@mcfoodbank.org