Peanut Butter Production

Peanut butter is one of the most needed items for all food banks, due to its popularity, long shelf life and high protein amount. It’s also among the most kid-friendly foods, which puts it in high demand for the MCFB Buddy Backpack program.

Through the Montgomery County Food Bank’s partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, MCFB can receive thousands of jars of peanut butter yearly to distribute to the food insecure of Montgomery County at a reduced cost; the Food Bank is responsible for finding volunteers and covering the cost of the peanuts used. And the canning facility is right here in the North Houston area!

You can help by organizing a 16-member team to support the production of peanut butter on behalf of MCFB or make a donation of $2500 to purchase peanuts which will be produced into peanut butter for the MCFB. To get more information on sponsoring a peanut butter production, send your inquiries to info@mcfoodbank.org. To volunteer your group for a peanut butter production, please email volunteers@mcfoodbank.org.