Food Drive Info

How do I host a Food Drive?

We suggest promoting your food drive a week in advance and throughout the timeframe selected. Have one general location for boxes to be located.

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How can the MCFB help you?

We are able to provide as many collection boxes as needed. We have two different sizes based on your needs, each with the MCFB logo on it. Boxes are available in our warehouse and can be picked up during regular business hours. We can help pick up the donations you have collected after your food drive if the weight is more than 500 pounds. If you cannot meet that request and cannot bring donations yourself, don’t worry, we can help find a volunteer to assist you. Sign up to host an event now  

Fun Ideas for a Food and Fund Drive

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Does the MCFB accept cash or check donations?

We gratefully appreciate any type of donation. Go beyond a traditional food drive and help those in need with a virtual food drive! A virtual Food Drive helps raise critically needed funds to support MCFB. Honor a loved one through a donation or celebrate a special event with your organization. For every dollar donated, MCFB can provide 3.5 meals to food insecure individuals. Ask your friends to join our virtual food drive by sending them an email, or share it on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & more! MCFB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Thank you for helping the Montgomery County Food Bank work towards ending hunger! If you have any additional questions please email info@mcfoodbank.org

Can We Host Another Type of Event?

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